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Yahtzee Duels Game: Star Wars Edition

ÂGES: Ages 8 and up

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Get ready for a duel! It's Rey vs. Kylo Ren in this intergalactic version of the Yahtzee game. The Force is strong but who is stronger? Players match the symbols on their opponent's Force shield, as they try to penetrate all 4 pieces. Clear a path and deliver a final strike to win! Will the light or dark side of the Force prevail in this exciting dice-rollin' Star Wars battle game?
• Includes 5 dice, 2 Star Wars figures, 40 Force shield pieces, label sheet, and instructions.
• Dice-rollin' battle game
• Revisit the epic duel from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
• It's Rey vs. Kylo Ren in this Yahtzee game
• Will the light or dark side of the Force prevail
• Great family fun
• Ages 8 and up
• 2 players
• Assembly required

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