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Yo-kai Watch Yo-Motion 2X Medal Mystery Bags Series 1


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Yo-kai Watch Yo-Motion 2X Medals activate fun features in the Yo-kai Watch Model U toy (sold separately). There are 2 Yo-Motion 2X Yo-kai Medals in every Yo-Motion 2X Medal mystery bag, and it's a surprise which medals are inside. Series 1 of the Yo-Motion 2X Medal mystery bags includes 34 collectible Yo-kai character medals (each bag sold separately, subject to availability).

Kids can pretend to summon mischievous Yo-kai characters from the animated show by placing a Yo-Motion 2X Medal into the Yo-kai Watch Model U toy. The Yo-kai Watch Model U toy features Yo-Motion 2X Technology, which projects 2 short animations of each Yo-kai onto a nearby flat surface. Insert a Yo-Motion 2X Medal into the watch, turn the watch left to see the animated character’s attack mode, then right to see it dance in summoning mode. Animations will appear on a nearby flat surface. The watch also plays summoning sounds, the character’s name, and tribe songs!

• Includes 2 medals.

• 2 Yo-kai Watch Yo-Motion 2X Medals in each mystery bag
• Each medal shows a Yo-kai character
• 34 Yo-kai Medals to collect in Series 1

• Ages 4 and up


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